Disc Resurfacing Service - Canada and USA

We offer disc resurfacing on almost all forms of disc based media including CD's, DVD's, BluRay's, and even Gamecube games. It doesn't matter if they are music, movies, or games - they can be resurfaced and working like new.

Most discs can be resurfaced as long as they aren't physically cracked or missing the graphics/foil on the top layer. Sometimes a very deep scratch cant be removed. If a disc is brought in that is cracked or beyond repair there will be no attempt to resurface it (and no charge either).



$3.50 CAD Per Regular Disc (Includes CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc)

$4.00 CAD Per GameCube Disc

Each disc is guaranteed to work after resurfacing.

To mail in discs, send to

Retro North Games
278 Algoma St South
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 3C2

Please ensure to include a form of contact and a return address. We will resurface the media and contact for payment (including return shipping).