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Custom Dreamcast

Custom Dreamcast

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- Dreamcast motherboard cleaned and new capacitors installed
- Old coin battery replaced with a replaceable ML2032 battery
- Resettable controller fuse (will automatically reset if blown upon restart)
- DCDigital (formally known as DCHDMI) installed. Direct from Black Dog Tech (best quality option)
- Terraonion MODE 
- Brand new custom green (or yellow in certain light) shell
- 3D printed parts, MODE Mount, and SD card extender from Laser Bear
- HDMI to Mini HDMI cord (minimum 6ft length, can request 10ft for no extra cost)
- Power Cord
- 1 TB Samsung SSD

More information on Terraonion MODE
- Compatible with Redump and Tosec images (for both Dreamcast/Saturn).
- Compatible with CDI, GDI, CCD, MDF, bin/iso+cue images.
- 2 User interfaces: Simple list view and Advanced Cover Art.
- Supports multiple Disc games.
- Zero seek times providing faster load times.
- Supports Mpeg card, ActionReplay
- DC Digital compatible.

More information on DCDigital
- The DCDIGITAL outputs native digital video and audio. It can output 480p and interger scaled 960p. 1080p is also supported (960p with borders) for pixel
perfect presentation with the correct aspect ratio.
- Scanlines
- In Game Reset
- WiFi Updates 

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